Welcome To Stickyflix

Stickyflix lets you access Netflix super fast.



Smart Controls

Browse movies and series without even opening your browser. Stickyflix allows you to watch your Netflix content straight from your desktop or directly from your status bar.

Fast, easy and sticky

Stickyflix lets you choose the player mode perfect for each condition. With a simple click you can detach your window or change the sticky mode ON/OFF to be sure that your player will be always on top of other windows right on your desktop.

100% compatible

Thanks to its built in technology Stickyflix can play your movies even in fullscreen without any glitch and gorgeous 1080p support.

Netflix membership

A Netflix membership is required. Please visit Netflix.com to verify if Netflix is available in your country. Stickyflix is a third party app. It is not associated or affiliated in any way with Netflix Inc.

Simple and easy for everyone

  Install and ready to use

Thanks to its built in smart technology you don't even bother to configure or change settings after installing Stickyflix. Just enter your Netflix membership details and choose your preferred show.

- Play movies in the app.
- Status bar and Window App.
- Easy switch between menu bar app and window mode.
- Sticky Window mode ON/OFF to make it always on top.
- Native Full screen support.
- Support for Alpha Trasparency.

System Requirements:
- MacOS X 10.11 or later
- 64bit processor

for informations or support contact us at: info[at]iphonesmartapps.org

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